Criss Angel Celebrity Look-Alike / Lookalike – Las Vegas

Criss Angel Celebrity Look AlikeVictor James is a Las Vegas-based performer and Criss Angel lookalike/impersonator.  Practically every day, since moving to Las Vegas in 2011, Victor has been mistaken for Criss Angel and takes multiple fan photos to please fans everywhere in Vegas and beyond. He even (for a moment) fooled Criss Angel’s show co-star Mateo Amieva!  Additionally, while working on the Burt Wonderstone film starring Steve Carrell, David Copperfield also accidentally mistook Victor for Criss Angel.  Criss Angel himself (after getting to know Victor) has been known to tease Victor in public yelling “It’s Criss Angel!” and running after him to cause a stir!  He is now known to some around town as “Criss’ little brother.”

As a boy, Victor performed as a clown, collaborating with Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus and performing magic and comedy as a part of that collective on the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon.  So, on top of being a dead ringer for Criss, Victor can do walkaround magic at any event.

He also shares Criss’ love of music and being a musician.  Over the years he’s supported and worked with major acts such as Lady Gaga, Smashmouth, The Goo Goo Dolls and many more. Victor is co-founder of the Grammy-nominated pop band Fans of Jimmy Century, with multiple television and film song placements to his credit. The band is currently developing their own feature film titled Mr. Las Vegas which will star them alongside some of Las Vegas’ most popular strip headliners.

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