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Mobile Recording Studio LAS VEGASLive Recording Mobile Studio – Record your Live Music or Speaking Event today!

Have a show and need a great live demo to get more shows?  Would you like to release a Live CD? Or do you need to record a speaking event? You’ve come to the right place.

We can track up to 20 mono or up to 24 if some inputs are in stereo. Simultaneously we are using a top of the line digital mixer and audio converters – the Presonus 16.0.2 and Presonus Fire studio linked or the Ableton 9 for tracking of Studio one 2.0.

We also offer overdubbing, so after the show if the vocal was just a little off or the guitar hit a bad note, you can easily come into our studio and do retakes.

Right now we are offering one complete recording setup which includes up to 1 hr of live recording, mixing, and mastering for just $399 flat.

If you have a speaking engagement/recording with overdubbing or miking up using more than 5 mics, or if you are in a set up where the soundman cannot send a channel line out, price would be determined after our conversation/consultation.


Need a demo to get hired? Or would you like to record a CD?
We can do it all for you!

We are a Songwriting / Vocal studio that has produced Grammy-Nominated tracks for top singers. We also write and record Film and TV music.

Now we are offering our services to you.

If you are a cover singer and just need a good Demo to get gigs, we have access to thousands of songs pre-recorded by a live band – not Karaoke tracks. These tracks will have full access to every track individually to give your track that slamming awesome live band feel. It won’t sound like canned karaoke tracks. These days promoters want to hear a really live band feel behind your vocals.

If you’re looking to record popular cover songs from the 50s through today’s current hits, there is an 80{94d1af58bc905b3f0101cda282e2a2ecc52926057603384c79e0f49269110a23} chance we have it ready to go If you need the song in a different key, that is no problem! We can pitch any song to fit your range.

If we don’t have the track and need some accompanying musicians or just a track programmed from scratch, we can do that as well.

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