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The Best Whisper Challenge Ever! Anti Valentines Day Free gift

The Whisper Challenge

The Best Whisper Challenge Ever! 🙂

The Whisper Challenge with Anti Valentines Day Free Music Download

Link to Fans of Jimmy Century’s “Lips on Mine”: http://goo.gl/HExfQj

Whisper Challenge

The Best Whisper Challenge Ever!

Re-creating The Whisper Challenge game as seen on Jimmy Fallon and top YouTuber channels with an FOJCtv spin for Valentine’s Day. Get your download of “Lips On Mine” to add to your Anti Valentines Day playlists. We love video responses! Create a Valentine’s game and respond below with your very hilarious videos :). If you have a list of whisper game phrases to use, share them with us and EuroTrash Collective! I told the guys this was the Valentine Edition of the Whisper Challenge and the phrases they came up with were pretty tame, I was surprised at how innocent and sweet they were. Give me some inappropriate phrases I can use! Thanks!

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