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Online Documentaries – A Behind the Scenes look at the making of singles “Blackout” & “Lips On Mine”

Online Documentaries - A Behind the Scenes

Online Documentaries - A Behind the ScenesAn Online Documentary – A Behind the scenes look at the making of Fans of Jimmy Century new twin song releases “Blackout” and “Lips on Mine”. Like a Short Film but better 🙂 ? in-Home Studio only on FOJCtv

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okay so this video we uploaded is bordering on chronic douchebaggery. & it really has that boys against girl feel to it, they’re ganging up on me & i need to get back in control of this thing. rounding up my dancers & backup singers for the next video to get that girl energy flowin’ to beat those boys back into submission. they’re getting away with murder…and that’s MY job. haven’t they ever seen Snapped on Oxygen?

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