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Fold down Murphy bed With Cabinet Fun House party by Wilding Wallbeds

Fold down Murphy bed With Cabinet Fun House party by Wilding Wallbeds

Fold down Murphy bed With Cabinet Fun House party by Wilding WallbedsWilding Wallbeds House party!




Once upon a time on a quiet streetjust around the corner from your own grandparentslived a sweet­mannered, (clears throat) maturecouple in the heart of a mellow, beige retirement communityIt’s party time!DJ double W in the house!Jump Jump!Golden years my BEEP!Boosted!As quickly as it beganone single phone call would shake their foundationsthreaten their security and snap them back to where time stands stillWas it the IRS?The end of the early bird special?The depletion of a retirement plan?No…. it’s the GRANDKIDS!and they are ON THEIR WAY!Please run to the nearest exitRemove all evidence Lower Wilding WallbedExtinguish all hazardous materialsPlease run to the nearest exit Please retrieve your walker from the valetWhen your friends leave you holding the….bedand you have to work fast to cover your tracksyou can depend on only one thingIt’s a space saverIt’s a dance floor coverIt’s a bouncy house It’s Wilding WallbedsWilding Wallbeds saved the day!in the nick of timemore bounce to the grandchild’s ounceWilding Wallbeds provide the solution

fast clean up and more space for party time Wilding WallbedsHey, you never bought me a Wilding WallbedYour mic’s still on!

Look Close – The DJ is using Ableton Push 2!

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